About Us

About Us

SG FINSERVE LIMITED- SGFL (formerly known as Moongipa Securities Limited), is Non- banking Finance Company that caters to Supply Chain Financing solutions for Indian Conglomerates up to the last possible tier. SGFL specializes in providing financing solutions to Dealers/ Distributors, Vendors, Retailers, Logistic providers etc. through seamless tech platform solution.

SGFL is accredited with CRISIL AA rating for its long term debt and an A1+ for its short term debt debt & commercial paper, making it a strong and reliable financial institution.

Established in 1994 and was a SEBI registered broker which ceased to be as such in the year 2008. Thereafter, the company started carrying out the operation of trading into the equity shares of the listed companies with its own funds. Then, in the year 2018, the company applied for the registration as non-banking financial institution with the reserve bank of india and has obtained the certificate vide no. N-14.03416 dated 16th may, 2018. The equity shares of the company are currently listed on BSE w.e.f. July 8, 2015. It is to be noted that before listing at BSE, the shares were also listed on Delhi stock exchange, jaipur stock exchange and ahmedabad stock exchange

Our Values

Our culture manifests through core values of Faith- “ASTHA”

  • Arjava means sincerity, straightness and non- hypocrisy;
  • Satya being honest at all times & under all circumstances;
  • Tapas spectrum of practices ranging from asceticism,inner cleansing to self-discipline;
  • Hridaya that which receives, that which gives, and that which moves;
  • Asteya means non-stealing by nature;
Our Mission

To deliver innovative tailored products and services to cater to the growing needs of transforming India.

Our Vision

To be partner of first choice for Supply Chain Financing Solutions for Indian Conglomerates.

Board of directors

SG Finserve has firm confidence in the significance of corporate administration rehearses that guarantee responsibility, straightforwardness, and adjusting the interests of the multitude of partners. Our chiefs are industry specialists who unite figured initiative and experience to plan wise arrangements.

Our Team

Our Team consists of experienced corporate professionals with decades of experience in supply chain finance. Our forward leaning vision and innovative mindset aspires financial autonomy for everyone. Our team is result oriented, we’re laser focused on empowering SMEs and helping them break new boundaries. Vigorous in our quest to disrupt the lending space, we’re leading India into a new dawn of financial maturity.


Simply by contacting us we will listen to you and help you in every way out

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