Dealer/ Distributor Financing for Corporates

Empowering Corporates to Support Their Dealers/Distributors to Catalyse Sales.

  • Distributors and dealers form an important link in the supply chain network. We aim to provide need-based financial assistance to such distributors and dealers via Line of Credit
  • The funding is secured by the purchases made by the dealer or distributor from the Corporate
  • This gives dealers and distributors access to additional working capital, enabling them to drive business growth and increase the sales penetration for the Corporate

Retailer Finacing

Digital Platform in place, enabled to include Deep Tier Financing Solutions to Retailers of the Corporate/ Dealers/ Distributors, i.e. lowest possible tier financing.

Tailoring financing solution to the lowest possible tier in a seamless manner.

Vendor Supplier Finacing for Corporate

Empowering Corporates to Support Their Vendors/Suppliers for More Efficient Supply Chain

Loan against Invoice/Purchase Order/Work Order to support pre-shipment financing requirements

Logistics/ Transporter Financing

Get Immediate Cash Against Freight/Transport Invoices

  • Logistics/ Transport Finance sits at the heart of our end-to-end Logistics offering, supporting & empowering transport companies.
  • Uncover inefficient supply chain operations and allow SGFL to finance your freight/ transport invoices.
  • Discount freight/ transport invoices over the counter at SGFL branches and get immediate Cash into Transporter’s account.

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